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"Many departments undergo constant change and with that change don't always take the time to gain clarity on their vision and mission and unfortunately lose site of their overall team objectives and ability to communicate the importance and relevance of their work. This process allowed us to work together and rethink our vision and mission and gain better clarity on our overall goals and objectives."
"Amy has a unique talent in connecting with the people she works with, developing an easy rapport and trust that she will be able to take them where they need to go in a gentle, compassionate manner.  She is very good at building the container and creating the environment wherein difficult work can be accomplished, clarifying expectations and setting boundaries.  She models professional, authentic, and transparent interaction, manages her projects and meets clients desired outcomes."

"Her most prominent strength is mindfulness. She is present. She is reflective. She is responsive and available. She has good energy without being overpowering. She is empowering. Her style is powerfully gracious. She is very smart. Has a very good tool box of “tricks of the trade” to utilize. She is flexible. I would describe her as a “facilitation goddess” meaning that she is powerful in her presence."

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